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Glass tank kiln refractory selection and alteration

Date:2018-01-29 16:25 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
First, the glass pool kiln with refractory types and selection
Refractory glass tank kiln must have the general industrial furnace refractory basic properties, but also must meet the special requirements of glass melting process.
In the glass industry, the quality of refractory materials is of great importance for improving the yield and quality of glass products, saving fuel, extending the service life of the melting furnace and reducing the glass production cost. Poor refractories not only limit the operating temperature of the pond kiln, but also seriously damage the quality of the glass and cause defects such as stones, streaks, bubbles and unnecessary coloring, which greatly affects the productivity of the pond kiln. The emergence of modern new high-quality refractory materials, glass industry plays a powerful role in promoting the modernization.
Different parts of the pool work in different states, the performance requirements of refractory materials are also different. The basic requirements for refractories for glass melting furnaces are as follows:
1, must have sufficient mechanical strength, can withstand high temperature mechanical load;
2, have a very high refractoriness;
3, in the use of temperature must have high chemical stability and strong ability to engage in erosion of molten glass;
4, no pollution or minimal pollution to the glass;
5, a good thermal shock resistance;
6, at a fixed volume of operation temperature, then shrinkage and thermal expansion rate should be small;
7, style and size accurate.
Since the 1940s, refractories for glass pool kilns have grown from Al 2 O 3 -SiO 2 systems to Al 2 O 3 -ZrO 2 -SiO 2 systems, Al 2 O 3 systems and MgO ) Products and other systems development, which greatly promoted the level of pool kiln increase.
According to the different operating parts and process characteristics of the pool kiln, reasonable selection of refractory materials, so that all parts of the furnace to give full play to its role, we can increase production, improve the quality of glass, balance the use of various parts of the kiln cycle, thereby extending the use of melting furnace Life expectancy, reduce fuel consumption and reduce product costs. As long as you master the nature and characteristics of various refractories, understand the working conditions of various parts of the furnace, refractory erosion by the erosion mechanism, you can correctly and reasonably use refractory.

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