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About the structural analysis of refractories

Date:2020-02-19 11:06 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Acid refractory materials use silicon oxide as the main component, and silica bricks and clay bricks are commonly used. Silica brick is a siliceous product containing more than 94% of silicon oxide. The raw materials used are silica, waste silica brick, etc., which has strong resistance to acid slag erosion, high load softening temperature, and does not shrink in volume even after repeated calcination; However, it is susceptible to erosion by alkaline slag and has poor thermal shock resistance. Silicon brick is mainly used in coke ovens, glass melting furnaces, acid steelmaking furnaces and other thermal equipment. Clay bricks use refractory clay as the main raw material and contain 30% to 46% alumina, which is a weakly acidic refractory material with good thermal shock resistance and resistance to acidic slag, which is widely used.
Neutral refractories contain alumina, chromium oxide or carbon as the main component. Corundum products containing more than 95% alumina are a wide range of high-quality refractory materials. The chromium brick with chromium oxide as the main component has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, but poor thermal shock resistance and low temperature load deformation temperature. Carbonaceous refractory materials include carbon bricks, graphite products and silicon carbide products, which have low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength, resistance to acid and alkali and salt erosion, especially weak acids and alkalis. Good resistance, not affected by metal and slag, light weight. It is widely used as a high-temperature furnace lining material and also used as an autoclave lining for petroleum and chemical industry.

Alkaline refractory materials use magnesium oxide and calcium oxide as the main components. Magnesia bricks are commonly used. Magnesium bricks containing 80% to 85% of magnesium oxide have good resistance to alkaline slag and iron slag, and have higher fire resistance than clay bricks and silica bricks. It is mainly used in open hearth furnace, oxygen blowing converter, electric furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting equipment and some high temperature equipment.
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