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Introduction to the properties and applications of clay bricks  

Date:2020-03-10 16:58 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The properties of clay products fluctuate in a large range, which is due to the large range of fluctuations in the chemical composition of the products (the content of AI2O3 fluctuates between 30 and 46%) and the differences in production processes. The fire resistance of clay products fluctuates from 1580 to 1770 ° C. It mainly depends on the chemical composition of the product and increases with the increase of the ratio of Al203 / SiO2. The increase in flux impurities, especially alkali metal oxides, will significantly reduce the fire resistance of the product. The softening temperature of the load mainly depends on its chemical mineral composition and density, but the latter does not affect the end temperature of the softening of the load, but increases the starting deformation temperature. The lower bulk density of bricks will also lower the temperature at which the load begins to soften. Therefore, in order to increase the load softening start temperature of clay products, the following aspects should be generally considered:
Increase the Al203 content in the product, especially increase the Al203 content in the matrix; increase the firing temperature and use multiple clinker ingredients; increase the bulk density of the shaped brick.
Clay bricks have good thermal shock resistance and a large fluctuation range, generally more than 10 times (1100 ° C water cooling), which is not too large as the linear expansion coefficient value of clay products (average linear expansion between 20 ~ 1300 ° C The coefficient is 4.5X10-6-5.8 X 10-6 / ° C), and there is no polymorphic brick deformation phenomenon and it has obvious grain structure and structure.
Sticky products are weakly acidic refractory products, which increase in acidity with increasing SiO2 content. It has a certain resistance to acidic erosion, but has a poor resistance to alkaline erosion. Therefore, clay products are suitable for use as acid kiln refractories. Large clay refractory bricks for glass kiln are clay refractory bricks with a unit weight of not less than 50 kg for building glass kiln.

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