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Refractory Materials Used In Drying Furnaces

Date:2016-07-15 14:32 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
A drying furnace is a device that dries materials by water evaporation from the materials to drying medium. 
Refractory Materials Used In Drying Furnaces
In the metallurgical industry, there are many materials that need to be dried, such as coal, refractory clay, quartz sand, casting sand mold, mud core, refractory green body and pellets or briquettes. 
There are many drying methods used in the industrial production, such as conduction drying, convection drying, radiation drying, resistive heating drying, high-frequency and microwave drying. The convection drying is the most widely used, due to simple equipment, low price and low operation cost. Other methods are usually used in other special situations. Convection drying can be divided into natural drying and artificial drying. Although the former is cheap, it accounts for a large place and the efficiency is very low, which limits its application. In most plants, artificial drying is used. The common used equipment for artificial drying is the drying furnace. 
According to the dried material, different drying furnaces are used. There are continuous drying furnaces and intermittent drying furnaces. The selection of refractory materials is up to the working conditions of the furnace. Common fire clay bricks are used in the combustion chamber and flues. Roofs that can be lifted are cast with lightweight refractory castables. Before casting, anchor nails should be welded on the steel shell of the roof to reinforce the roof. When the temperature is below 450℃, the wall and roof can be built with red bricks. when the temperature is above 550℃, the wall and roof can be built with fire clay bricks. In order to reduce heat loss, except the combustion chamber and flues, other parts can be built with ceramic fiber materials. Ceramic fiber has good energy saving performance and good insulation. Currently it is mainly used in annealing furnace and drying furnace. 
Lightweight insulation materials should be laid on the top layer of the roof built with red bricks and common fire clay bricks. 

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